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Proper Fit Instructions      

Follow the instructions below to properly use the  Snap-Around Training Collar and Adjustable Snap-Around Training Collar.

The Snap-Around Training Collar, and Adjustable Snap-Around Training Collar are different from other training products in that it is placed around the dogs neck as opposed to being fitted "over the head" like other training products (two ring training collars). This type of collar has a snap on one end, a floating or loose ring, and a stationary ring on the other end. The snap is attached to the floating ring to be used as a training collar, and the lead is attached to the stationary ring; thus, this collar allows a better fit, and stays high up on the neck behind the ears. With proper fitting this collar should not slide down the neck, but stay in this position giving the handler better control for more effective teaching.  Do not leave the collar in training position (snap attached to floating ring)  on dog when not in training.

 *** Please Note ***

This type of collar is very humane simply because of where it sits on the dogs neck, above the trachea. Very little effort is needed to use the Snap-Around Training Collar. We do not promote any type of training that uses harsh pulling or jerking the dog at any time. Only a slight movement of the wrist is all that is needed to get the dogs attention back on you. 

 Use Lots of Praise When Training!

The collars  will not harm the coat as opposed to chain collars. They can be washed in lukewarm water and detergent. Pull back to size while wet.

The way we measure the finished product after hand making the Snap-Around Training Collar, and Adjustable Snap-Around Training Collar is by laying the collar flat- straight out- with the stationary ring on the left side, and the snap on the right side. Measure from where the fabric starts on the stationary ring side all the way to the tip of the snap on the other end. We include the fabric and snap only. The stationary ring is not included in the measurement.
When measuring your dog for a Snap-Around Training Collar or Adjustable Snap-Around Training Collar, place your dog in a standing position. Measure under the chin, around the neck, and then up behind the ears. You want a Snug fit, but not choking. Add an extra ½" for smooth coated dogs, or 1" for long coated dogs to the measurement obtained. This ½" - 1" will give the necessary check with less effort, and will help the collar stay in place.
If you are ordering a Snap-Around Training Collar for a puppy (not an Adjustable Snap-Around), add 2" larger to allow for growth. When you get the collar, tie a knot, maybe two knots in the center of the collar to take up slack. This will make the collar smaller, and you can get the proper fit you need now while training your puppy. As the puppy grows, let the knot or knots back out to make the collar larger. This will also prevent you from having to purchase several collars while that puppy grows.
***  Remember, when placing your order for the Snap-Around Training Collar- that an exact measurement is needed. The collars come in whole and half sizes, for example: 12", 12.5", 13", 13.5", etc.

See illustrations below for proper way to place the Snap-Around or Adjustable Snap-Around Training Collar on your dog. 

1.  Collar has one stationary ring, a floating or loose ring, and a snap.
2.  Place snap end of collar under dogs chin, behind ears, and around neck. Bring ring end of collar around chin to other side of dogs neck.
3.  Attach snap to floating or loose ring.
4.  Attach leash to stationary ring.


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